The New Organ

Hybrid object

The New Organ

Wunderkammer Exhibition, Guangzhou, 2019. April 19-22
Species that are biologically closer to humans are considered to be more intelligent, e.g., we always imagine intelligent extraterrestrial lifeforms with anthropomorphic features, although they might have different perceptions and a totally different scale.

This hybrid object visualizes a tree trunk attacked by an imaginary disease that makes it grow a new organ. The accidental modification of the plant caused by the disease makes it capable of sharing its thoughts and feelings with humans.

Limited by our perceptions and our human-centred concepts we cannot think about plants as conscious beings or persons, despite the fact that they possess incredible capabilities like hearing, smelling, moving or reading our minds, according to the controversial experiments of Cleve Backster. One day we might be able to modify our bodies - just like the disease modified this plant - to facilitate interspecies communication and to question the belief of human supremacy by doing so.

For this hybrid object, I have combined a fallen tree destroyed by the typhoon Mangkhut with a 3D printed attachment. This way, I have brought the tree back to life at least in a conceptual way. The organ was created with 3D scanning and sculpting techniques.